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Tezuka Kunimitsu, captain of the team
Fuji Shuusuke, the boy who think EVERYTHING tastes good @_@
Kikumaru Eiji, the all around genki boy
Oishi Shuuichiro, the co-captain who's in a relationship with Eiji-kun (at least, *I* think so)

Walking Forever

Welcome to my little site of anime/manga worshipfulness. Actually, no, not really. Nothing to really worship. Eh-heh. Here are a whole list of sites that I take care of/run, so please do look!

And the pictures that border this page are the main characters of the anime, Tennis no Oujisama, or Prince of Tennis. Bearit is a tennis player (albeit a horrible one) and a tennis fan, which explains her fetish for this series. Anyway... on to the sites!

Yama, Sekai: A haven for my fanfics. There's mostly Magic Knight Rayearth fanfics within here, but there are some from other anime such as Nadesico and FAKE. The list will hopefully expand to Yami no Matsuei, X, and, yes, Prince of Tennis someday. ^_~

Eagle no Hashira: A site dedicated to the one and only, Geo Metro of Magic Knight Rayearth! Currently under construction.

The Shining Sun: A small shrine dedicated to Sorata Arisugawa of X, by CLAMP. Currently on hiatus

Shiawase ni Narou Ne: My blog--current layout: Akito and Gai of Nadesico

Watermelon: My LiveJournal... eh-heh

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Cliques & Stuff:


Echizen Ryoma, the star of the show ^_~
Momoshiro Takeshi, Bearit's favorite--looks like the younger version of Geo with the personality of Sorata ^_^
Kaidoh Kaoru, scary but sweet
Inui Sadaharu, data collector and team tormentor *cackles* (Penal-Tea... XD)