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Canon Characters

Character Importance/Occupation Taken?
Geo Metro commander of NSX person204999
Zazu Torque chief mechanic of NSX Satori
Lantis magic swordsman of Cephiro available
Primera Lantis's fairy/pixie friend available



Character Importance/Occupation NPC Abilities Taken?
Chrysler Vision president of Autozam security/police Bearit
Audi Coupe-Vision first lady security/police Penguin
??? vice-president of Autozam security/police available
??? secretary security/police available
??? treasurer security/police available
??? general random military officials available
??? ambassador leaders of other countries  available
??? head congressman other congressmen, general public available


Crew Members of the NSX

Character Importance/Occupation Taken?
Mazda Protégé (mecha pilot) HSV squad leader Bearit
Kia Spectra fighter android Penguin
Solara Camry cook Satori

Still taking applications for:



* - Politicians are harder positions to attain than the NSX crew; because of this, if you decide to apply for one of these characters, you must be willing to work with the RPers of the other politicians. The politicians do not interact with the general population of Autozam socially, and only the head congressman and first lady know the general attitude of the population about the current issues. With this, you'd think it'd be a boring job, but you're allowed to NPC the listed characters for the position you're applying for, and you get to work behind the scenes, you evil little plot bunny. ^_~ We're the scum of the earth! WOO!


~ Yume no Ato ~