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Mazda Protege

Occupation: HSV squad leader (mecha pilot)

Age: 25
Gender: Female

Description: Mazda is one of the best mecha fighters in Autozam, and joined the NSX crew as the leader of the mecha fighting squad of the HSV prototypes to find the adventure and fun she couldn't find in Autozam. Unfortunately, the two commanders often did all the fighting, and she and her crew were ordered to stay within the battleship. She is very well-acquainted with Eagle, Geo, and Zazu--though she holds a humungous grudge against Eagle. Jealousy, perhaps? While she has heard of Lantis, she has never met him personally, so she pretty much hates him. Many speculate it's because Lantis has defeated Eagle in mecha combat. Touchy, touchy. She's a sore loser, but determined all the same to get her way, and very ill-tempered. However, she does have a sense of loyalty to her squad and respect towards her commanding officers, even if she does dislike them.

Physical: See left

Played by: Bearit (e-mail | website)