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  1. Wah! Why hasn't the RPG started yet?
                   Because we don't have the characters needed to start this thing up-- in order for the RPG to get started up, we need Geo (taken), Zazu (taken), Lantis (available), maybe Primera (available), the ambassador (available), and the president (taken).
  2. Oh, so can I have original characters?
                   Yes. This is mostly an original character RPG, after all. However, I do have two requirements: one, do not make your character perfect--flaws are a virtue. Two, they have to be named after cars. If you cannot think up of a good car name, search around CarSurvey. You may be surprised. ^_~
  3. What about the other Cephiro characters? The Knights? The other invaders?
                   This RPG is set mainly in Autozam, so I would prefer if the majority of the characters were those from Autozam. If you can think up of a creative reason why the other canon characters are in Autozam, then by all means, apply with those characters, but give me that good and creative reason. (For the most part, the royalty/politicians/etc. of other countries will be NPCed by the Autozam politicians.)
  4. In the rules you state that I can NPC random passersby. What does this mean?
                   As long as you don't make the crowds and random passersby actual characters without consulting me first, you can play any random, unnamed person. Like a waitress, or a little kid whose crying because he dropped his best toy down the sewer. You get the drift. Be creative. ^_~
  5. What if I want to play more than 3 characters?
                   I might give you that opportunity if you so wish depending on certain circumstances, but it's more likely than not that I won't let you.
  6. I don't think someone played a character in-character. What do I do?
                   Don't bother the RPer. If you think it's horrendously out of character with no story behind it to back it up, let me know. If you think that it's really minor, or if there might be a good reason behind the action, I recommend just letting it go. When in doubt, let me know privately.
  7. Argh! So-and-so is really annoying me!
                   ^^; Please try to keep a peaceful atmosphere among the RPers. If you really have a problem with a person/character, let me know and we'll work something out. Though, if two characters have problems with each other, great! All the more fun. ^_^
  8. Is magic allowed?
                   No, unless I have given you permission to use it. Magic is only applicable, so far, for Lantis and Primera. (If you really want magic, then apply for a Chizeta/Fahren immigrant or something along those lines) Maybe as we get started and more members apply, I'll be more lenient.
  9. Will the RPG be completely message board-based?
                  Not completely. There will be some instances of chat sessions, in which case, you might want to try to get an AIM account. If this is too much of an inconvenience to many, then I will search for a java-script based chatroom we can all use.
  10. My question isn't answered here!
                   E-mail me with that question.


~ Yume no Ato ~