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Members' Sites

Walking Forever: Bearit's (President Vision, Mazda Protégé) site collective.
yasashiiYUME: Penguin's (Audi Coupe-Vision, Kia Spectra) Eagle shrine. ^____^
X.K.D.G: person204999's (Geo Metro) site collective


Rayearth-related Sites

Primera's Magic Knight Rayearth Site: Okay, now, who hasn't been here?
Cephiro: Likewise. ^_~
Believe: A very nice Rayearth site
Magic Knight Rayearth Page Reviews: Awesome place.
Adopt-A-Knight: Adopt your favorite MKR characters!


More RPGs!

Magic Knight Rayearth 3: The RPG that inspired me. ^_^


Other Fun Sites

Fanfiction.Net: A place to read and post fanfics!
MediaMiner: Another great place to not only read and post fanfics, but to have your very own fanart gallery. Forums and anime reviews included!
Anipike: A collective list of anime links


~ Yume no Ato ~