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  1. Read this and the storyline before joining.
  2. NO god-modding-- this means that your character is NOT invincible and is subject to making mistakes and what not just like normal human beings.
  3. All characters must have names related to cars. This is a Rayearth RPG, after all. Go to places like CarSurvey to get a good name. ^_~
  4. NO NPCing unless you have permission to do so. In other words, if you're playing Geo, you cannot post as Zazu or write out Zazu's actions unless the person who's playing Zazu gives you explicit permission to do so, or unless you are playing Geo as well as Zazu. This does not include random crowds and passersby. (Politicians are allowed to NPC police officers and foreign governmental officials.)
  5. Keep your character(s) in character. Use your own discretion, and ask a question like or similar to: what is it about his/her personality that makes him/her react this way? In other words, if Geo suddenly decided to go out drinking, you had better have a good reason for it seeing as how he hates alcohol...
  6. POST! If after a couple of months you are an inactive character, you will not be permitted to post in the forums. (I don't ask for an everyday or every week thing-- just enough to keep the story going.)
  7. You are allowed to play up to three (3) characters in this RPG. However, if you are a very busy person, I recommend for you to only play one, maybe two, so that you can keep up easier. Use your own discretion.
  8. Post in 3rd person in appropriate prose, so that the other RPers can tell the difference between action, thoughts, and speech.
  9. I know this may disappoint some of you, but please keep everything at the PG13 level. If you intend on violence, don't get too gory. If you intend on romance, do not get too detailed with the passionate moments. Young eyes may be watching. 
  10. If you wish to leave, your character(s) fate will be in my hands. They may be up for someone else to take, or taken out of the game completely, depending on their status when you leave.
  11. You will worship--er, obey Bearit, for she is the head of the RPG.
  12. Have fun. ^_^


~ Yume no Ato ~