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Yume no Ato (translated to "After the Dream") takes place in the anime setting of Magic Knight Rayearth 2 in the polluted country of Autozam. With the invasions over, the emotions of the people of Autozam swing rapidly from the mourning of the popular Eagle Vision's death, to the new ray of hope that the pollution will lift, to suspicion of their government's tactics to pursue the venue of being at peace with Cephiro to cure the dying country.

The return of the NSX's crew is met in different aspects. Some worship them; others despise them. The invasion itself had been just as controversial as the treaty with Cephiro, but nearly all citizens recognize that each crew member aboard the NSX has changed.

For they had all witnessed Eagle Vision's death.

Yume no Ato is an RPG expressing the state of Autozam after the failed invasion, mostly focusing in on the crew of the NSX and how they cope with life after Cephiro as they wander the domes of Autozam as normal citizens once again as politics continue in a just as destructive manner as it had before the treaty. When push comes to shove, will the ex-crew members be able to make sure that their late commander's wishes are fulfilled?


~ Yume no Ato ~