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~ Prologue ~

The core of the universe keeps two dimensions together per universe. The Larenim is the core for the dimensions of our solar system and the one of another world: the one with Cephiro, Autozam, Chizeta, and Fahren.

Mokona, the creator of the worlds on the planets within these two dimensions, is only a mere being in the vast universe of the Larenim; he had nothing to do with it or how it reacts. He is not responsible for keeping this unstable core from falling apart. That is the job of four merciless people: the Gogyou.

This core is very erratic, for it has existed longer than the universe we know of has. Many people who know of it have feared that it is the population of the universe that is making the Larenim a deadly nucleus and have decided that, for the better of the universe and the people within it, it should be eliminated. They knew that if they did so, the entire universe would go with it, but it was better to get rid of the fear sooner and quicker than what the Larenim and the Gogyou would have to provide.

The Larenim is nothing like the Pillar of Cephiro; all universes have it, just like all other bodies in all of creation everywhere. It is only but a mere mineral in the depths of the center of the universe, which no entity is allowed to see except for these mysterious Gogyou.

Yes, the Larenim is slowly dying. One by one, it's taking all the planets that it keeps alive with its death.

The Gogyou, the defenders of the Larenim, are at a loss for what to do about this disaster.

"Cephiro is next..."

Chapter One: Verdict
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