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~ Crystal Medallion ~

Crystal Medallion's main characters

Note: This is based heavily on the manga, and a little on the anime. Be familiar with both before reading this please so that you will not end up confused. It also helps to be knowledgeable with Hikaru's brothers. I also like to do things that would make fans upset, so please be open-minded while reading this!

Chapter One: Verdict
Chapter Two: Obscurity
Chapter Three: Foundation
Chapter Four: Dependence
Chapter Five: Altercation broken- not yet completed
Chapter Six: Elucidation
Chapter Seven: Objective
Chapter Eight: Chutzpah
Chapter Nine: Eternity
Chapter Ten: Preparation
Chapter Eleven: Advent
Chapter Twelve: Irrevocability
Chapter Thirteen: Oath
Chapter Fourteen: Proposals
Chapter Fifteen: Fortitude
Chapter Sixteen: Apprehension
Chapter Seventeen: Termination

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Disclaimer: Magic Knight Rayearth and its characters are not mine; they belong to the wonderful manga artists Clamp, Mixx Manga, and any others who may hold claims to the series. However, the story is mine, so please do not post this on other websites claiming it as your own. All elements in here that are not part of Magic Knight Rayearth are mine, so please, if by some odd reason you would like to use them, ask. Do not post this story anywhere without my permission.

Written in May, 2001 by Bearit at Updated on June 30, 2001.