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Fanfiction by Me:

Hashira no Eagle
Manga based; spoilers for the entire manga series
No shounen-ai

Geo's jumbled thoughts during a particular scene in the sixth volume of the manga.

For My Happiness Only
Manga based; spoilers for entire manga series
Shounen-ai and het and an original character

When Geo slips and lets his older brother know his true feelings for Eagle, things turn upside down. Life turns inside out when a cure for the pollution problem has been found but taking the lives of many with it, and Eagle is determined to do what he can to get back.

Lying, Waiting, All Too Late
Shounen-ai, couple of original characters

What if Eagle had been the one in love with Geo first... but what if Geo was completely blind towards this and had a girlfriend? Well, this all sets the stage for the second half of Magic Knight Rayearth...

Requited Misery

Is Eagle as oblivious as we think?

Fanfiction by Others:

Coming soon! Hopefully! Send me your fanfics!

Hoshi ga Michibiku