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The fifth volume of the manga speaks all.

I think one of the things that kept me from getting very much bored while reading the fifth manga was the Geo and Eagle scenes that appeared--believe me, they were frequent. It's a very slow-paced volume, I'll tell you that right now.

Anyway, the first scene that was pointed out to me I probably would never have noticed if it wasn't for this site. Two different interpretations could be said of the Eagle-whispering-Lantis's-name-in-sleep-with-Geo-there scene.

  1. The reason for Geo's discomfort with the invasion came flying right back into his face.
  2. Geo is jealous that Eagle is in love with Lantis and not him.

Personally, I believe it's a mixture of both and not exactly one or the other; I don't think Geo and Lantis were that close to each other (certainly not as close as Lantis and Eagle were), and Geo never knew Eagle's true intentions of invading Cephiro. Poor Geo is so torn between his friendship with Lantis and Eagle and his love for Eagle: it's presented right there.

During the mission briefing, somewhere in the middle of this volume, we have the Geo-cupping-Eagle's-chin scene which is really sweet. ^-^ I used that picture for the main page. After a discussion, Eagle puts a claim right there and then that he would not go back on his wish to get the Pillar System despite his betraying Lantis. Geo, clearly upset, sighs and says something that might as well be a love confession:

"Ever since I joined your side, I put my life in your hands . . . I'll follow you wherever you go."

Near the end of the volume, two major things happen. Eagle nearly falls into a coma after managing to purge Chizeta's and Fahren's roads, and despite Zazu's protests, Geo puts his own mind energy into Eagle to jolt him awake. How sweet, ne? ^^ Later, when Hikaru enters Autozam's road, the NSX is thrown in a major earthquake, and there Geo is, supporting Eagle all the way.

Now if only Eagle would return Geo's feelings, damn it! He probably does; all throughout this volume he shows signs that he has every potential to do so.

The sixth volume of the manga highlights this unrequited love.

After the meeting with Tatra, Tarta, and Aska, Geo concludes that Eagle was hiding something from him, and, quite frankly, he does NOT like it. He tries to find out what was wrong with Eagle's health--Geo's smart, people, he knows it's a good place to start--within the three hours he had to do so, but he couldn't find out what it was until Eagle went out in his FTO to fight the princesses.

When he found out, Geo tried to stop him, but when that failed, he tried to go after him, but by the time he finally convinced Zazu to let him go, it was too late. Eagle changed the passwords to all of the mecha in the NSX and Geo was stuck inside of the battleship helpless.

From then on to the end of the series, most of his dialogue consisted of Eagle's name and only Eagle's name.

Come on. That is no normal friendship; it's a definite love thang going on. ^^


Ummmm... just watch any and all episodes with Geo and Eagle in them and you have your proof right there!

But, I must say, that Geo gets what he wants in the anime. I shall do an analysis of episode 38.

The first half of the episode deals with the couples. First scene has Presea and Hikaru talking about Lantis (Presea realizes that Hikaru completely forgot that she told Lantis that she loved him); the second scene, Caldina realizes the Clef-Umi-Ascot love triangle; the third scene, a Ferio and Fuu moment; the fourth scene has Geo and Eagle; and the fifth scene has a Lantis and Hikaru moment.

Now, let's talk about the fourth scene. Not only is it thrown right in the middle of the romance aspect of the series, it has very, VERY interesting moments.

The part that had me squealing the most was when Geo was in a very pissy mood. Eagle notices this, leans up to Geo's face and reassures him that he had a very good rest, then a shot to their feet, damn it, a pause, before Eagle stands regularly.

I have dubbed that the Eagle-kisses-Geo scene.

The quote afterwards had me on the floor:

"It was a very comfortable bed to sleep on."

*snorts* Yeah, we all know you think so, Eagle. :-p

I don't know if this is in the second half of the episode or sometime in the next episode, but there is a cute Geo x Eagle moment right before they attack the castle. XD

Hoshi ga Michibiku