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Eagle Vision

Son of the president of Autozam. Commander of the NSX. Head of the invasion project. Bishie of MKR. Yaoi fodder.

Those are the many titles of Eagle. He became the commander of the NSX when it came time to invade Cephiro for its Pillar because, well, it was his idea to, but for reasons that nobody knew until near the very end (manga). In the manga, he suffered from a disease that resulted from using too much brainpower and eternal sleep threatened him, but he only landed into a coma by the end of the series; in the anime, he was dying from a rare disease--symptoms included coughing up blood--but instead of dying from that disease, he was ultimately killed in battle, which was actually what he wanted.

His possible views on Geo-- most likely platonic, or brotherly. Eagle has shown a greater attraction to Lantis in both the manga and anime, though in the anime, he at least temporarily seemed to have returned Geo's feelings...

Geo Metro

Geo is not a bishie. I admit this. Do you honestly think I care? Appearances aside, he is a gentle, caring, responsible, and anything-but-macho man, though he is a very capable soldier. All in all, if he was a bishie, more girls would be falling at his feet. This I promise you.

Geo is the sub-commander of the NSX, second-in-command only to Eagle. He is a more advocate worrier for Eagle's health, and in the manga he does a lot of poking around to uncover the secrets Eagle has been hiding from him since they became a part of the invasion. When he discovers Eagle's illness, he begs and nearly forces Eagle to stay out of battle; in the anime, he learned about Eagle's secret early on and tells him to get some rest before fighting. He cares deeply for his commander, his friend... so much that many suspect that it's something more.

Unfortunately, for the majority of the series, this love is unrequited, but Geo does not back down on his loyalty to Eagle, which makes him probably the most reliable man ever.

Hoshi ga Michibiku