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Reasons for Creating a Geo x Eagle shrine:

  1. I was sick of spending nearly three hours finding Geo x Eagle stuff on Google and coming up with next to nothing I haven't seen before.
  2. Geo x Eagle deserves one.
  3. Geo and Eagle, simply put, are just about perfect for each other.
  4. Interchangeable roles. Yum.
  5. Lack of Geo x Eagle fanfiction on the Internet.
  6. I was bored, but I had a creative streak in me and too much time on my hands.
  7. Because I can. :-p

Reasons Why Geo x Eagle are Perfect for Each Other:
(Warning: Spoilers for manga and anime. Proceed at own risk)

  1. Telepathy? They don't need telepathy. They know every angle of complexity about each other and are never surprised when one starts to act differently. However, there are some things that neither know about each other, and everybody deserves privacy, right?
  2. They are so loyal to each other that it's almost unnatural. Heck, Geo even risks his own life at one point to keep Eagle from slipping into a coma. Eagle's loyalty is sometimes questioned, but the strong fidelity is there regardless. Hey, in the anime, he did return to the NSX, didn't he? (Oh, sure, he went back out again to get himself killed, but at least he told Geo he was planning to die, right?)
  3. See reason #4 above. Eagle, as a commander, is stubborn, pushy, and always has to get his way and most of the time succeeds. Geo, as a subordinate, submits to this. This applies to military situations as well as socializing. So in this case, Eagle = seme, Geo = uke. However, when it comes to Eagle's health/well-being/whatever, Geo becomes the one in charge and Eagle is the one who finds support within Geo. Turn things around, and Geo = seme and Eagle = uke. Ignore the whole tall = seme and small = uke thing. It doesn't apply to them, and that's why these two are a well-developed couple; they are not stereotypical in any sense. ^_^
  4. There have been signs in the manga that Eagle could return Geo's "unrequited" feelings, and since Eagle's fate in the manga is completely different from his fate in the anime, Geo still has a chance. Besides, I don't think Eagle is in love with Hikaru, and Lantis clearly does love Hikaru (Bearit --> Lantis x Hikaru supporter-- though she is a fan of a Lantis/Eagle/Geo threesome), so Eagle is left alone, and so is Geo, and Geo deserves happiness, gosh darn it!
  5. In the anime, they are together. Watch episode 38 if you're not convinced. In fact, watch all of the episodes with Geo and Eagle in them if you're not convinced. They do share the cutest and sweetest moments between couples, which is one of the few high points of the anime. I'm not the greatest fan of the Rayearth anime, but watching Geo x Eagle interaction was worth getting the entire second season. (Fanservice? Why, yes...)

Have any reasons you want to share? Send them over to me!


Why the title?

"Destiny: Hoshi ga Michibiku" means "Destiny: The stars will lead me". I thought it spoke clear and true the relationship between Geo and Eagle regardless of whether they are together or not. I do not hold any claims to the quote, however; it's a line in a song sung by Satou Akemi called "Destiny". The entire song is screaming as potential to use as a Geo x Eagle songfic, I swear...

The title does not mean that I believe that Geo and Eagle were destined to be together. I see it that Geo is the "destiny", meaning what he does affects the future of their relationship, and Eagle is the "star": the one who leads the destiny. "Me" can be either Eagle or Geo; you can choose. ~_^

Hoshi ga Michibiku