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Praying to the Lonely Star
"The waiting, shining moon / Stops because it wants to see your smiling face."
from "Peace" by SMAP

Notes: This is one of the very few fanfictions that I write in which I base the story on the anime of Magic Knight Rayearth instead of the manga. All you need to know is that Eagle dies in the anime, and the girls can't go to and from Cephiro.

Oh yeah, SMAP fans, you're in for a treat... unless you're fans of Tsuyoshi and Shingo-kun (especially if you're fans of Shingo-kun ^^;;;). Sorry! But Nakai-kun, Takuya, and Goro-chan fans get treats. ^_^

Part One: Tokyo, Japan, Asia, Earth

Part Two: Cephiro and Autozam

Coming Soon!

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Disclaimer (and quite a long one this time ^^;;): Magic Knight Rayearth and its characters does not belong to me. It is the creation of CLAMP. Not me. Kodansha, Mixx Manga, Media Blasters, etc., hold the rights to the series. Not me. I have no claims at all to Magic Knight Rayearth. None. Also, I did not come up with the names of four of the original characters--the male original characters' names (Takuya Kimura, Masahiro Nakai, Goro Inagaki, and Shingo Katori) are four of the boys from the J-pop group SMAP. I do not own the boys from SMAP. If I did, I'd have a harem, but I don't. They belong to... themselves. ^^;;

Written on December 12-17 2001 by Bearit at