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Silverlake Manor: Images

Everything here I scanned, but if you want to use them, go ahead. I figured from previous web-mastering that demanding that people ask before using is too much hassle, and there is going to be at least one person who is going to take some. There's also the possibility that somebody may have the same image as I do, so why bother? My life would be easier if I just let people take the images.

Chichiri - I think this is when Chichiri and Tasuki are at Kutou palace...
Chichiri - This one is seen in the collage type thing on my main page. Chichiri, without his mask, talking to Hotohori
Chichiri again! - Chichiri pointing to his scar, talking to Miaka (about his past, I think...)
Chichiri yet again! - Chichiri (with his mask) ready to follow Chiriko's plan after being chased by those crazy women. (text: Wakata no da! translated: I understand no da!)
And again! - Chichiri looks exhausted... I have no idea where this is from. All I do is scan the pictures I like and post them up.
First look at Chichiri - When we see Chichiri for the first time (text: Itai no da! translated: That hurt no da!)
Chichiri without his mask - The first time Chichiri takes off his mask in the manga (he looks so young!)
Chichiri and mask - Chichiri is peeling off his mask
Chichiri and Hotohori - Yeah, you can tell that I love Chichiri by now. Deal with it. Hotohori and Chichiri talk about the summoning of Suzaku... I think (or Miaka... same thing!).
Chichiri and Mitsukake - After his disguise wore off, the women find out that Chichiri is actually a guy. Grabbing Mitsukake, Chichiri busts out of there
Chichiri - Chichiri when he first finds (spoiler for volume 8/9, or episode 32/33: Nuriko dead)
Chichiri - Following the above picture, Chichiri sheds a tear
Hotohori - Hey! A picture without Chichiri! Hotohori with his sword looking HOT
Hotohori - Yes, Hotohori, you are the most beautiful man alive
Mitsukake - Not for the weak stomach. Mitsukake in drag.
Tasuki and Tamahome - This one I demand that you see: Tasuki and Tamahome in drag
Miaka, Tasuki, and Tamahome - Miaka's reaction to Tasuki and Tamahome in drag.
Chichiri - I can't say "Chichiri in drag" because technically, he's not. He just transformed (And no, Nuriko, you're not cuter! Only prettier)
The Suzaku Seishi - After Tasuki got beat up by the possessed (lack of a better word) Tamahome
The Suzaku Seishi - After they find out how bad Miaka's cooking is. (Chichiri's reaction: Da da da da da da?!)
Tasuki and Chichiri - Chichiri gets a little worried, and Tasuki is, well, drunk...
Tasuki and Chichiri - part two: Chichiri's attention is caught by Tasuki's... drunkenness
Tasuki and Chichiri - part three: Tasuki immitates breasts, and Chichiri turns away saying: I'm not going to repeat the same thing to you! (or somewhere along those lines)
Yui and Suboshi - A sweet picture
Amiboshi - A really, really cute picture of him
Chiriko - Chiriko looking sad and cute at the same time. Not that that's a challenge for him
Miaka - Chichiri: ...It's over no da. Um...
Mitsukake - The first time we see the real Mitsukake... and he just looks so cool!
Nuriko - Nuriko looking, well, pretty.
Nuriko - Nuriko fighting Ashitare
Dream on, Nuriko - After Hotohori saved Miaka from drowning, Nuriko imagine himself in Miaka's place while the rest of the Suzaku Seishi look on...
Tamahome - Okay, I'm not a particular fan of Tamahome, but he just looks so cool in this picture!
Gen-chan! - I'll let the picture speak for itself.
Tassy-chan - Yeah. Tasuki's gonna kill me if he ever caught me calling him that.
Tasuki - Tasuki showing off his symbol.

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