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Toward the Stars

Other Sorata Websites:
Seishinsei: Sorata shrine. We love Sorata. Visit. Go. Now. The only other Sorata shrine that I know of. ~_^
Stormy Skies: A Sorata and Arashi Fanfiction Archive
: Must I say more? Go for all your Sorata/Arashi needs!
Unsheathed: A Sorata/Arashi shrine! Yay!

Other X Shrines:
subliminal messages
: An Arashi shrine! Can't have Sorata without Arashi, ne? ^_^
Dark Reflection: Ah, Fuuma. No character has ever been used more than Fuuma. Well, maybe Kamui, but not as much as Fuuma. Anymore comments, and I'll spoil up to X/8 to X/9, so just go.
Ultraviolet: A Kamui shrine. We all know who Kamui is, so just go. ^^

Other X Sites:
Rabi's X Page: If you never been here, you obviously haven't been around the X web world much. In fact, if you haven't been here, how and where did you get translations if you can't read or speak Japanese fluently?
Voices Carry: Go. Not only for the Handpuppet Theatre (which I highly recommend), but for other unique aspects of this site. It's very excellent, and tends to tickle your funny bone or freak you out. I love this place!
Dreams of Sakura: Asuka updates every month! A very fun place to visit. ^_^ Go. Now. To this wonderful X site. (Hurray for fragmented sentences!)
What the Thunder Said: Another kind of a humor site, but kind of a melancholy site. The best of both worlds--haha! Very fun. (Also, if you know Fushigi Yuugi, then that first paragraph could get you into giggles... especially for Chichiri fans. ^^;;)

Other Clamp's Series Sites:
Welcome to Cephiro: A site for the manga that first got me into Clamp, Magic Knight Rayearth.
Realm of Autozam Enthusiasts: Since I like any Autozam-based websites (since I believe that the crew from Autozam are the best villains from MKR), I don't want to use up a lot of space for the sites. Luckily, this webring will help finding the best Autozam websites on the web (my Autozam website isn't up there because, well, I'm not worthy ^^;;)

The Maiden's Other Sites:
Silverlake Manor: My realm in which I share all of my anime interests.
Eagle no Hashira: A Magic Knight Rayearth shrine to my favorite male character: Geo Metro!

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