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A Binary System

There are two possible pairings that I have seen so far in X that Sorata has to deal with. One of them is really obvious and widely accepted, the other, well isn't quite as known or isn't quite as interpreted that way and not as accepted by non-yaoi lovers or yaoi lovers as other non-heterosexual pairings are.

However, I love both of the possible pairings: Sorata/Arashi and Sorata/Kamui!

Initial Comments: My favorite pairing in X of any kind. They are so perfect for each other that it's adorable!

Facts: The Stargazer at Mt. Kouya predicted that Sorata would die for the woman he loves. Sorata has chosen Arashi as that woman, mainly because she was beautiful and Sorata wanted to die only for a beautiful woman. He figures, "Hey, if it's anybody I chose, I want her to be pretty."

Interpretations: Arashi does not want Sorata to die for her sake, so she does everything she can to make sure that he doesn't: making him change his mind about her. Sorata, however, keeps falling in love with her by the second, and not just because she's beautiful. Within time, since Arashi never hated Sorata, Arashi found herself in love with him.

Volumes of Importance:

  • X/3, when the two meet for the first time. One of Sorata's first words to Arashi: "I choose you, Neechan."
  • X/5, when Sorata reveals to Arashi what his destiny is.
  • X/11, Arashi shows that she doesn't hate Sorata. Plus, the two of them (along with Yuzuriha and Kamui) have been living with each other for three months.

Pictures of Their Relationship:



Initial Comments: While I rather these two have a brotherly bond, I still would not mind reading a fanfic about the two of them together... like that. Truth be told, this was the first couple in X that I liked. Sorata/Arashi fans, put down those damned torches! ^^;;

Facts: The Stargazer at Mt. Kouya also predicted that Sorata would give his life protecting Kamui. Sorata has promised Kamui that he would throw his body in the way of Kamui when something happened to him. Sorata was also the first Seal that Kamui warmed up to and trusted. Sorata understands and supports Kamui whenever he knows is necessary. Sorata also calls Kamui a "beauty". In his character file, he admitted that he wanted to see a smile on Kamui's face.

Interpretations: A shounen-ai fan might say that Sorata is in love with Kamui, but a shounen-ai fan and a Sorata/Arashi fan (such as myself) would say that Sorata is in love with both Kamui and Arashi. (Have you not read Magic Knight Rayearth? It's possible!) Kamui might not feel the same way back. X fans may argue over that.

Volumes of Importance:

  • X/2, when the two meet for the first time. Sorata displayed awesome talent to calm Kamui down.
  • X/3, when Sorata calls Kamui by his name and not his title "Kamui" for the first time. Also, it is shown that Kamui was beginning to warm up to him.
  • X/4, um, very intimate moments...
  • X/9, Kotori dies, Kamui is shocked to the bottom of his heart, and there's yet another intimate moment at Kotori's gravesite
  • X/11, one brotherly moment-ish thing. Um. Yeah.

Pictures of Their Relationship:



Other Possible Prospects (that I can tolerate)

Yuuto: Well, why not? I mean, apart for Fuuma and Kamui and Subaru and Seishirou and Kusanagi and Yuzuriha (oi), if I had to pair up two people from opposing sides in this entire ordeal, damn it, I'm going Yuuto/Sorata! When are they going to have their rematch, I wonder...

More to come soon. ^^;;

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