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The Maiden's Thoughts

X has so much of a conflict to it that I find it one of the most enlightening, intriguing, darkest and deepest stories I have ever read and watched. It is by far my favorite story and my favorite manga that has ever been introduced to, well, me.

But out of all the amazing characters in X (which is every single one of them), why do I choose Sorata as my favorite character? Why not the main character Kamui, or the spin-off characters Subaru and Seishirou, or even the bishonen Kakyou (though, I must admit, he's my favorite Angel)? Is it just because I want to be different from most fans?

Ohohohohoho, no, no, no. Before I was introduced to the X fan-world, I liked Sorata a lot. He was such a fun character to get my interest gripped to that I could never wait until a scene appeared in which he showed up in. Yes, I also thought it was one of the hottest characters in X (back when I only had up to X/6), and that kind of helped me out a little bit to choosing him as a favorite.

After I read translations and found out that he was going to die for the woman he loves, which is Arashi, I decided that those two were my favorite couple. And so, I went on the Internet, looking for fanfictions and fanart with the two of them. I knew that X fanfiction would be hard to find, and I thought that Sorata/Arashi was going to be one of those "always clichéd couples even after the series is over", but apparently, everybody was focusing their attention on Kamui, Fuuma, Kotori, and Subaru and Seishirou, though I had no idea who they were yet at the time.

However, although I do love all the Sorata/Arashi fanfictions out there, I must admit that some of them are indeed clichéd.

And, somebody please tell me now, why do I always get an eerie feeling that Sorata/Arashi fans are violent when it comes to pairing Sorata with somebody else and likewise with Arashi?

Is it because I am, unless Sorata is paired off with Kamui (or some other boy... teehee) or unless it's made for angst purposes?

Ah, I guess I'll never know until X in it's whole is introduced to America.

I fear for that day. Dubs never exactly have the greatest reputations. Plus, I don't even know how good the anime is yet, considering that the anime has yet to be aired.

Which brings me to another point: I never saw the X movie, and I doubt I ever will. Why? I heard it was terrible. My second favorite male character (my third favorite character) from X has been replaced with some guy I think is pretty damned ugly. Yuuto doesn't have his water power, and dammit, there's no cute fight between Yuuto and Sorata! Without that, I don't know where X would be. ^^;; Plus, I don't like the clothes Sorata was wearing. Where was his very cool suit that he wore to Kyougo's funeral? Why not even his "A" shirt?


*EDIT* Um, okay, I now see a picture of Sorata with his "A" shirt from the movie. So he wears two different outfits while everyone else wears only one? O-o;;

Ahem. Anyway. Enough mini-ranting for now.

I'm not going to say anything else on the movie until I actually see it; though, don't expect that to happen until X is finished and I've read it all.

*EDIT* I saw pictures of Sorata from the anime, and I must say, not bad! I can't say whether or not I like his voice in the movie or anime better, but I don't think that Sorata has a terrible voice in the anime at all. It's different from what I had imagined it, but different doesn't mean bad. Just... different. ^^;;

Waaa... I guess that's enough for now. More to come when I get more manga! ^_^

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