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Hues of Light

Outfit #1: A cap worn backwards, a T-shirt that has the letter "A" under an arrow which points up, jeans, and gym shoes.
This is the first outfit that Sorata is seen wearing in X, and I don't understand what the "A" stands for. Arisugawa? Ace? Athletic? This is something I have yet to understand, and I don't think that Clamp is going to tell us. This outfit shows his playful spirit, methinks.
Outfit #2: A la MIB: Black pants and overcoat, white shirt underneath, a black tie, black dress shoes... sorry, no Ray-bans
For the majority of the X series so far, this is what Sorata has been wearing. He originally wore it for Kyougo's funeral, but ended up keeping it on for at least three days straight. He didn't even sleep during those days, apparently. I'm surprised he was never grumpy.
Outfit #3: White shirt and over shirt, pants
This is his Clamp Campus uniform, which is really different from Kamui's and a lot of other boys. I don't know why he has a different uniform, though. This is what he wears in X/11, and since this is as far as I've gotten, this is what he's been wearing so far.
Outfit #4: Priest clothes
This outfit is shown mostly for imagery purposes, i.e. whenever somebody is talking about Sorata's purpose by Kamui's side. These clothes are actually only shown with only Kamui by Sorata's side.
Outfit #5: Monk clothes
He wears this during his time at Mt. Kouya and is shown in his side story. It's apparently monk clothes since the other monks in the shrine were wearing the same exact thing. This is his outfit when he was younger, apparently when he was around his early teens.

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