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The Planets in His System

Most everybody that Sorata has come face-to-face with that has a significance to the X story in the order that Sorata meets/talks to them. More to come once I buy the rest of the X volumes!

Yuuto Kigai, Dragon of Earth
Yuuto Kigai
(X/1) In my opinion, if these two weren't on opposing sides they'd make great friends, but they already make great enemies. Or, shall I say, they are each other's "enemy's best friend". I'm sure you all have at least seen their first fight against each other--I have never seen two people get along better while trying to kill each other. (After Kakyou, Yuuto is my favorite Dragon of Earth) Hey, if you want to write a fun shounen-ai pairing, try Sorata/Yuuto! ^_^
Fuuma Monou, Kamui's twin star
Fuuma Monou
(X/2) I don't think Sorata has too much of an opinion on Fuuma other than one of the people that Kamui wants to protect, who doesn't exactly take kindly to Sorata wanting to talk to Kamui alone when the two first meet. Sorata was a little freaked out by his power to enter his kekkai, though. I really don't think that these two like each other, but Sorata hides it real well. Fuuma, well, doesn't.
Kotori Monou, Fuuma's sister
Kotori Monou
(X/2) Sorata is the matchmaker when it comes to Kotori and Kamui. He thinks that Kotori is really cute and takes a great liking to her, and not only because she's one of the other people that Kamui wants to protect. It's because she's polite and kind and a good cook. Funny thing is, they only get fifteen minutes to know each other, and I don't think that Kotori thinks about Sorata much...
Kamui Shirou, main character
Kamui Shirou
(X/2) Kamui didn't trust Sorata at first, but he was the first Dragon of Heaven that he warmed up to. Actually, many firsts happen between Kamui and Sorata: Sorata was the first to calm Kamui down, Sorata was the first to call Kamui by his name and not his title "Kamui", Sorata was the first to... a lot more things. They form a really close brotherly bond throughout the series, though shounen-ai fans could take it a step further if they felt like it. Part one of the Stargazer's prediction: "You will give your life protecting "Kamui"..."
Kyougo Monou, deceased
Kyougo Monou
(X/2) Okay, so they don't actually meet at all, but Sorata was present when Fuuma's father died. He even respected the guy enough to attend his funeral. If Kyougo knew at him at all, he probably only knew that he had something to do with "the promised day of 1999" at the most.
Tokiko Magami, Kamui's aunt
Tokiko Magami
(X/3) Sorata has some major respect for this woman, even before he found out that she was a Magami and even before he found out that she was Kamui's aunt--he probably respected and trusted her once she revealed that she was the last living relative of Kamui's though. Tokiko had the same respect back since she probably overheard his tale about how he was taken away from his parents at a young age and, of course, she knew of his place in the end of the world. I don't think Sorata found out about her death until at least a couple of days after she died, but I'm sure it enhanced his need to protect Kamui.
Arashi Kishuu, Dragon of Heaven
Arashi Kishuu
(X/3) Part two of the Stargazer's prediction: "...yet you will die for the woman you love." Sorata's cryptic statement to Arashi when they first meet: "I choose you, Neechan." Quite contrary to what some newbies may believe, Arashi never hated or disliked Sorata. She just became annoyed by the fact that she was going to have him hit on her every second she was around him. She liked him a lot at first, and some people speculate that she tried to get him to hate her so that she wouldn't die for her sake, but it wasn't working. Sorata kept falling in love with her, and within time, Arashi found herself in love with him. I consider these two to be the best couple in the entertainment world--they are so opposite from each other, yet perfect for each other.
Hinoto, Dreamgazer
(X/4) The majority of Sorata's respect goes to the "princess" Dreamgazer, I'm sure. I'm not quite sure of their relationship, though...
Souhi and Hien (X/4) The twins trust Sorata's judgment after seeing how well he was able to tame Kamui... well, as well as anyone could calm him down at the time when the twins and Sorata meet. The three of them respect each other, for they hold almost the same position as each other: the twins serve/protect Hinoto, and Sorata protects and serves emotionally Kamui.
Daisuke Saiki, protector of Hinoto
Daisuke Saiki
(X/4ish/5ish) I think that Daisuke thinks that Sorata is odd. Sorata treats Daisuke just like he treats anybody he meets. I'm not quite sure about their relationship.
Yuzuriha Nekoi, Dragon of Heaven, age 14
Yuzuriha Nekoi
(X/5) These two could damn well pass as brother and sister--more than Sorata and Kamui could pass as brothers. They have enough similarities (cheerful and upbeat) yet enough differences to pass as such. They even treat each other like older brother and younger sister. I wonder if Clamp is not telling us something...
Karen Kasumi, Dragon of Heaven... um... soapland hostess
Karen Kasumi
(X/5) Anything that deals with Karen's job, Sorata freaks out about. Karen thinks that Sorata is rather cute and treats him like a younger brother--trusts him, but not fully, and giggles whenever he flips out about her. Yet another cute relationship that Sorata has with somebody...
Subaru Sumeragi, Dragon of Heaven, 13th head of the Sumeragi clan
Subaru Sumeragi
(X/8) Sorata doesn't pass out the "pretty men" title to just anybody, and besides Kamui, Subaru is the only one who has earned the title from him. Of course, Sorata has yet to meet Kakyou, but that's not the point. I'm not quite sure about their relationship as far as X/11 goes, but after reading some summaries off the 'Net, Subaru knows that Sorata is good with handling Kamui. Otherwise, I'm really not sure. I need the actual comics to understand.
Seiichiro Aoki, Dragon of Heaven
Seiichiro Aoki
(X/9) I'm sure 'Ichiro-san (I call Seiichiro that so that I don't confuse him with Seishirou) is the oldest, but he trusts and respects Sorata enough to hand the leadership role to him. Besides that, I don't know where their relationships leads.

People skipped and maybe get back to later: Former head of the Sumeragi clan

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