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Name: Sorata Arisugawa
Translation: Sora means "sky"
Age: 16-17ish
Family: Parents (unknown), adopted Grandfather from the Mt. Kouya shrine
Likes: Arashi, pranks, his destiny?
Dislikes: Crying women, anything that tries to harm his friends? I dunno...
Powers: Cool electricity stuff, kekkai in the form of a cube
Personality in a Nutshell: A warm, fun-loving boy one minutes, serious and "genius" the next.
Basic Info: Taken from his parents when he was three, he grew up as either a monk or a priest (two different translations -_-) at Mt. Kouya. His only memory of his mother was of her crying when he was taken away, so he vowed to never make a woman cry. Before he left for Tokyo to meet "Kamui", Grandfather Stargazer told him that he would die for a woman. That woman, quite obviously, is Arashi Kishuu.
Quirks: Speaks with a Kansai dialect and was the first person of the Dragons of Heaven, Earth, and the Dreamgazers to call Kamui by his name and not by his title "Kamui".
Tarot Card: Chariot

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