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WARNING: Major spoilers lurk about here. Don't feel like you want to be spoiled? Leave. Now. Thank you.

I don't want to be spoiled!
Currently up to December 2001 Asuka

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September 2001 Asuka - I read the summary off of Dreams of Sakura's site, and this is what drove me to do this section. From August's Asuka, I was already thinking that either Arashi or Sorata was going to die in the next set of pages, but then Arashi survived, and at first I wondered if there was going to be a new character, but nope. Sorata was severely injured.


Yes, I was in utter disbelief. I mean, I thought that this was it. Sorata was going to die. I was a bit confused, though; how did that creature type thing appear, how did Kamui and Sorata got to the bridge in time, and how the hell did Sorata get so wounded?

I thought that maybe Sorata and Kamui went at top speed to the bridge, Sorata found that Arashi was in danger, then an Angel attacked, and so he had to protect Kamui too, and... I don't know. I was just thinking up of a lot of possibilities.

I swear, Sorata is going to DIE...

October 2001 Asuka - Again, I read the summary off of Dreams of Sakura. I was still scared. It was an hour right after I read September's summary, and my heart was still pounding. I couldn't get the thing off my mind. Sorata! How could you do this to Arashi?

I swear, I was on the verge of crying. After all, Sorata is my favorite character, and although I knew he was going to die a death full of angst, I still loved Sorata as if he were a real person. I couldn't believe that he was going to die--I swear, I thought he was going to be the second or third Seal to die or something. And... he was going to die... and... and...

My heart truly went out to Arashi. Egads, what an emotion-jerking relationship Arashi and Sorata have.

And then... SORATA LIVES! I was in my seat cheering, and my mom was giving me funny looks as well as my cats. But my heart was still ringing in my ears even afterwards--I swear, what a scare Clamp gave me. And I had my waterworks ready to flow, too, so I cried a little once he survived.

Unless Clamp's thinking of something evil for November's Asuka... sheesh, Clamp is NOT nice when it comes to cliffhangers and plot twists. You always need a tissue when you read their works.

November 2001 Asuka - IT'S ABOUT DAMNED TIME, YOU TWO! If you don't know, Arashi confessed her feelings, and Sorata... kissed her! YAY! I'm happy. I'm very happy. That is all I have to say. ^_^

December 2001 Asuka - Okay, no Sorata in this installment, but I only have one comment to make:


That is all. ~_~

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